Ice Urn

This receptacle made of ice is without doubt the most environmentally friendly of all water-soluble urns.

Starting at 750 $, including the urn and a ceremony from the shoreline when the site is located within 150 km from the Montreal region.

Also included:

  • The planning of the ceremony with the family members.
  • Presence of a celebrant from the MEMORIA team.
  • Carrying case.

For MEMORIA, being different means respecting everyone’s customs, traditions, and fundamental beliefs. It also means offering ecological funeral rites that honour the memory of the deceased while supporting sustainable practices.

Dimensions (cm):l.:30cm, w.:43cm, ht.:11cm
Volume:15-20 kl
Designer : Diane Leclair Bisson

Product code: U-397-01

For more information or to order this product, you can call us at 514 277-7778 or email us.

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