Obituary Classique


Get creative with an online obituary for your loved one. Share your Grandma's recipe for apple pie, post some special photos, whatever is most meaningful for you.

Published on our website,, the classic obituary will include:  

  • basic information (name, years lived, date and location of visitation and/or funeral;
  • the death notice itself, written by the family;
  • a retouched photo;
  • tools to share the information on social media;
  • a link for donations (optional);
  • a suggested ritual to do at home (choice of three, with illustration)

Home rituals

Having trouble coming up with the best way to honour your loved one? Why not celebrate their life from home and invite others to do the same? With an online obituary, you can invite family and friends to join you in paying tribute to the departed by lighting a candle, listening to a favourite song or simply gathering together at the same time. The invitation is easy to personalize and share via social networking.


Price : $150.00 For more information or to order this product, you can call us at 514-277-7778 or email us.

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