What to do with the ashes: 3 ideas to explore

What to do with the ashes: 3 ideas to explore

By: Camille Baillargeon - Family Advisor

Once cremation has occured, we must choose a container to hold our loved one's ashes. This requires either an urn, a vase or a box designed to hold the cinerary remains in their entirety.

Your Memoria consultant will suggest a variety of urns, reliquaries or jewelry that can hold a small quantity of ashes. This article is intended to make your choice easier.

What type of urn to choose

The urn is ideally an object that represents the deceased. Was your father a woodworker? Was your sister an avid gardener or birder? Did your loved one own a large collection of handmade pottery? We offer a wide selection of objects that celebrate the life of your loved one that can blend harmoniously with any décor while showcasing Quebec craftsmanship.

Double or single urn

You need to decide whether you'd like a single or double urn. Would you like to be joined for eternity with your loved one? Double urns are available to accommodate the ashes of two people. We need about 200 cubic inches of space per person in the urn to ensure that all the ashes fit inside. It goes without saying that a double urn requires 400 cubic inches, or two separate 200-cubic-inch cavities.

Reliquaries and cremation jewelry

If you choose to separate the ashes, we offer an extensive collection of reliquaries - "mini urns" - or jewelry that can hold your loved one ashes. A reliquary holds about a spoonful of ashes, while the amount included in a cremation jewel is symbolic. It's a simple way to keep a tangible reminder of your loved one at home or by wearing it, without necessarily keeping the entire urn.

Inclusion of ashes

For both reliquaries and jewelry, there are two types of ashes inclusion:


Cinerary remains are deposited in a specially designed cavity. The jewel or reliquary is then sealed with a small amount of silicone to prevent the ashes from leaking out.


A small particle of ash is mixed directly into the material used to create the pearl, stone or polymer form that makes up the jewel or reliquary. They are available in a range of colors to match your décor, wardrobe or taste.

If you're looking for the perfect cinerary object, we invite you to discover our collections of urns, reliquaries and cremation jewelry in our online boutique at boutique.memoria.ca.