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Ecological funeral rites

For MEMORIA, being different means respecting everyone’s customs, traditions, and fundamental beliefs. It also means offering ecological funeral rites that honour the memory of the deceased while supporting sustainable practices.

Returning to the earth is the most ancient funeral rite, and planting a tree is a symbolic gesture in memory of our loved ones and the precious moments we shared. Made of biodegradable materials, the Botanical Urn Between Heaven and Earth dissolves in the earth slowly releasing the ashes, which mix with the soil, providing essential nutrients for the growth of the shrub. The botanical urn will become a tree in the memory of your loved one.

We also offer another ecological rite : The Ice Urn
Water is involved in funeral rites across the globe. A symbol of renewal and life, it cleanses both the departed and those they have left behind. The Ice Urn was designed to float gently on the water and gradually disappear. This receptacle made of ice is without doubt the most environmentally friendly of all water-soluble urns.