Branches and Cemeteries

Rooms filled with light and a comforting atmosphere.

Today, MEMORIA is a network of 7 funeral homes and complexes with salons, chapels and reception halls all under one roof.

Our complexes are equipped with the latest technological equipment. Our team of counsellors accompanies you throughout the ceremonies and ensures that everything takes place according to your wishes.

Les Espaces MEMORIA are also places where many types of events can be held. For example, in the 1980s, the Laval complex held an art gallery. Over the years, we have hosted more than fifty visual art exhibits, dozens of launches, lectures and concerts, film and television series shoots, in our multipurpose buildings, especially in the Saint-Laurent space, with its remarkable contemporary architecture.

If you would like to rent a space, please contact us by telephone at 514-277-7778 by email.





South Shore

Cemeteries and scattering