What to write in condolence cards

What to write in condolence cards

By: Camille Baillargeon - Family Advisor

Do you have a funeral coming up, or a condolence card to fill out in the next few days? Use these suggestions to help you write the best possible text.

Offer support and condolences

It's a good idea to begin the short text by offering support and formal condolences to the recipient of the message. These simple words soothe the bereaved and reassure them that they don't have to go through this difficult stage alone. It may seem obvious, but it's an introduction that shouldn't be overlooked. And if you're open to helping during the grieving process, you can also leave your contact details to offer a listening ear after the funeral.

Personal anecdotes

Include, if you wish, brief memories or moments you shared with the deceased. These stories will be sweet to the recipient of the card. We advise you to stick to mostly happy memories, to make the person reading the message smile.

Short poem or quote

You can add to your own words a quotation or short poem that inspires you, and which may even have helped you at a difficult moment you have experienced yourself. As a starting point, we suggest you consult this article which highlights some poems related to grief. You can also write down the lyrics of a song that is dear to you, or that you shared with the deceased or his/her loved ones.

A mistake to avoid

Avoid pointed questions about the death or comments that could be misinterpreted. Any mention of the cause of death could be poorly received or disturbing for someone close to the deceased.

In short, keep your message brief but personal. Draw on your relationship with the recipient, offer your support, and create a moment of gentleness and peace with these few words. We invite you to visit our online store to purchase one of our beautiful condolence cards, which can be sent directly to the funeral home at the time of the funeral. Please note that you can also have a message sent to our families via the obituary notices on our website. These messages are private and sent by e-mail.