Scattering ashes: what are your rights?

Scattering ashes: what are your rights?

By: Aurélie Vasseur - Content Manager

There are many questions about how to dispose of a deceased person's ashes, including what is and isn't legally acceptable. Indeed, the scattering of ashes has been subject to many changes in the past, but what about today?


YES, it is possible to scatter the ashes of a deceased person in nature. BUT not just anywhere, or in any way.

Delivery of ashes 

The funeral complex with which the family has dealt is authorized to deliver the ashes to only one person. However, the designated person may request that the ashes be divided into several containers to create jewelry or other commemorative art pieces for example. The complete set of ashes must be placed in the container(s).

Disposal of ashes: what the law says

This practice is governed by the Funeral Operations Act. Section 71 of this Act states: "No one may scatter human ashes in a place where they may constitute a nuisance or in a manner that fails to respect the dignity of the deceased person."

You are therefore free to dispose of your loved one's ashes wherever and however you want, as long as you do not cause a nuisance and respect the dignity of the deceased.

You'll need to carry out a few checks beforehand to make sure you're complying with municipal regulations, so as not to run afoul of them. Finally, make sure that the chosen location is not a public thoroughfare or frequented by the public.

How to choose the ideal location.

When choosing a scattering site, bear in mind that this will be your loved one's final resting place, and therefore your long-term place of remembrance. Try to choose a place that will bring you serenity and remain accessible throughout your mourning period.

Some funeral homes have created peaceful places suitable for scattering ashes. Such is the case with our Jardin des mémoires, which offers the possibility of creating rituals in the midst of nature, or with ecological urns specially designed for this type of disposal.

Our family advisors will accompany you well beyond the funeral. Whether you need to organize a scattering ceremony or simply want advice on how to do it yourself, we're here to guide you. Don't hesitate to share your ideas with us by calling 514 277 7778. Together, we'll think of all the details for a serene mourning.