Ceremonies and events

Sometimes, we need to talk, sometimes, simply to listen. Blending ours with other voices, passing through other silences...

  • On the occasion of the winter solstice, Memoria and Astrancia join forces to invite you to a walk with the lantern boats and to participate in a luminous art.
    For more details, visit memoria.ca/lanterne
  • Commemorative ceremony

    Commemorative ceremony


    Come hear actors read inspiring texts. You will find comfort, food for thought, the intimate voices of authors who are also dealing with bereavement. The readings will be followed by discussions led by Michel Trozzo, psychotherapist.

    For more information, click here.

  • Father's day

    Father's day

    Many of you came to gather for Mother's day and we are both touched and delighted to have been able to welcome you. We will be happy to meet you again for Father's day at one of our sites.

  • Art - Rencontres

    Art - Rencontres

    As part of the Gallery Weekend Canada event organized by the AGAC (Association des galeries d’art contemporain), the Galerie Eric Devlin presents the exposition Rencontres at our Salon b.

    Exhibited artists: Eric Daudelin, Violette Dionne, Renée Lavaillante, Isabelle Leduc, Lisa Tognon et Marie-Claude Robillard.