Ceremonies and events

Sometimes, we need to talk, sometimes, simply to listen. Blending ours with other voices, passing through other silences...

  • Father's day

    Father's day

    Many of you came to gather for Mother's day and we are both touched and delighted to have been able to welcome you. We will be happy to meet you again for Father's day at one of our sites.

  • Art - Portés disparus depuis peu ...

    Art - Portés disparus depuis peu ...

    As part of the first edition of the Galeries Weekend Montréal organized by the AGAC (Association des galeries d’art contemporain), our beautiful Salon b is welcoming the Galerie Eric Devlin for its exhibition « Portés disparus depuis peu… »
    Exhibited artists:
    - Kittie Bruneau
    - Francine Simonin
    - Louis-Pierre Bougie
  • Mother's Day

    Mother's Day

    Come and gather in complete privacy at one of our sites to honor the memory of our mothers. A present will be given to each family on site.

  • It's christmas, and I miss you

    It's christmas, and I miss you

    Alfred Dallaire MEMORIA will be with you over the holidays to help keep the memory of your loved ones alive.