Estate Settlement Assistance

Experienced legal counsellors

Assistance successionIn addition to grieving, the decisions to be made, you have to figure out what to do with the deceased’s personal papers; order copies of acts, do the will search… With MEMORIA, everything becomes simpler. We handle for you of many of the administrative formalities that must be dealt with. To help you with the details of settling the estate, we offer the services of a specialized legal advisors.


Jewellery estimates

Estimation de bijouxSometimes when a loved one dies, the jewellery that belonged to the person may be bequeathed. Estimating its value requires specific expertise. MEMORIA provides, at no charge, a summary assessment by a gemologist, who can establish its authenticity.




Fur Recycling

Transformation de fourrureMEMORIA has developed an original partnership with Harricana by Mariouche, a Québec company specialized in remodelling furs. This way, you can give a new life to an inherited fur coat, by transforming it into a comforting cushion, an enveloping shawl or something else.