Funerals and Tributes

To guide you in your choices, here are the most common forms of tributes on offer.

At MEMORIA, we believe that every life is a story worth telling, celebrating and never forgetting. That's why, for almost 90 years, we’ve never ceased developing and innovating to offer a complete range of funeral services and memorial objects. Funerals and tributes are 100% customizable, from traditional ceremonies to modern celebrations. We fulfill all of your most cherished wishes.

  • Personalized funerals

    Personalized funerals

    We are committed to personalizing each funeral to meet the wishes of the deceased and their family. We do everything possible in this regard, honouring even the most unusual requests. At MEMORIA, you can:

    • transform the decor of a room;
    • create and broadcast a photo show or video montage;
    • exhibit the deceased's favorite artworks;
    • release a box of butterflies or balloons or magic lanterns;
    • employ the services of a secular celebrant;
    • hire musicians and singers;
    • set up a special floral arrangement;
    • and much, much more – you decide.


    Our staff is available to customize each tribute to reflect the life of your loved one. We know your family is unique, and we’re here to help you live this intimate moment together in harmony.

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  • Traditional funerals

    Traditional funerals

    If you wish to have a traditional funeral or if your loved one wanted a religious celebration in his or her community, we are here to accompany you.

    Whether it’s a viewing at the funeral home or a commemoration-with-urn followed by a church funeral and burial at the cemetery, MEMORIA puts its expertise and know-how at your disposal to organize and coordinate everything down to the smallest detail.

    Since 1933, we have made it our business to respect the customs, traditions and deepest intentions of all. Through our privileged relationships with churches and many cultural communities, we’re able to offer a funeral that meets your every expectation. 

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  • Ecological funerals

    Ecological funerals

    The desire to return to the earth and be part of the cycle of nature has deep roots in history, and water and trees have been used as powerful symbols in rituals for millennia. To meet this desire, we at MEMORIA offer ecological funeral rituals in harmony with the natural elements.

    In addition to our complete line of eco-responsible products such as natural coffins and ecological urns, we offer scattering rituals that respect nature, in particular through the use of our ice urns and botanical urns. We also offer access to a unique place: our Jardin des mémoires. This garden is a beautiful alternative to the traditional cemetery and allows you to choose a tree, a rosebush or the water ritual as a place to scatter the ashes of your loved one. The Jardin is a living locus of remembrance where you and your family and friends can gather in any season, in view of the magnificent Papineau Woods.

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  • Economical funerals

    Economical funerals

    At MEMORIA, we always find a way to adapt to your family’s needs, whatever your circumstances, and offer our services at a lower than normal cost for those keen on keeping things simple.

    You can choose to receive basic services only, including cremation, delivery of ashes to your home and the filling out of official forms and documents.

    As a family business, we’re able to offer you maximum flexibility in organizing even the simplest of tributes with respect and dignity. For example, you can choose to book a less busy day to come to the funeral home.

    Don't hesitate to ask your advisor about the options available to you so that the full cost of your ceremony gets covered by the Quebec Pension Plan death benefit.

     We also have economical spots  available in our columbaria and community niches. 

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