The reception provided the occasion to see family
and friends we had not seen for a long time,
and to share happy memories…

M.S. Cournoyer

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Celebrating the memory of those who have passed on gives rise to moments charged with emotion, but there are other moments for socializing and conviviality. That is why it is important for families to have a reception space that unites architectural beauty with a generous and functional capacity to receive guests.

MEMORIA’s reception halls are designed to provide families and their guests with havens of calm that are perfectly adapted to the demands of today’s commemorative receptions.

BuffetAnd when the time comes for a welcome moment of conviviality among family and guests, MEMORIA suggests the services of Salon b, a caterer and trusted partner that will meet all your expectations with its attractive presentation and excellent service. Delivery and service staff are included, as are place settings and napkins. Moreover, coffee, tea and water are offered at no charge. Out of respect for the environment, buffets are served on “real” dinnerware.