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What is a pre-arrangement?

A smart way to avoid tensions and emotional decisions for your loved ones. The pre-arrangement contract offers the guarantee of obtaining, when the time comes, the ritual and the burial that you have chosen. That way, your loved ones will experience their bereavement more calmly and they will be grateful that you decided everything during your lifetime.

Planning tool

Designed to help guide you in your choice of funeral services.
Click here to download it.

MEMORANDUM, the little booklet that contains everything

A small planning booklet that will help you draw up an inventory of your belongings and record important information. It is a useful tool for you, your family, your notary, and your executor. You can also use it to record your last wishes. Even if you have not made pre-arrangements, your notes will give your loved ones an idea of your choices and preferences. To receive one, call 514-277-7778, or order it by email.