Rituals in harmony with nature

For MEMORIA, being different means respecting everyone’s customs, traditions, and fundamental beliefs. It also means offering ecological funeral rites that honour the memory of the deceased while supporting environmentally sustainable practices.

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The Jardin des mémoires is a new space conceived for that special someone you knew who loved trees, books, flowers, life itself.

Here, amidst the spendour of nature, you can hold a ceremony befitting the person being honoured, someone who truly respected the great outdoors. Each season here is different : lilacs in spring, lavender in summer, maples changing colour in the fall and in winter the brilliance of sunshine on freshly fallen snow. If you're lucky, you may even spot a fox or fawn passing through.

Whichever celebration you choose, you'll be able to leave behind a trace by inscribing the deceased's name on a short-lived ground marker, a granite paving stone, or a plaque on one of our lovely benches.

Ask a MEMORIA counsellor for more information on our special rituals: :


Water Celebration


Floral Celebration


Celebration under the Trees


Celebration at the Foot of the 'Tree of Generations'


How to get to the Jardin des mémoires



Our celebrations can be adapted to the season or to the time of day they take place. Our winter ritual allows you to gather with family and friends around an outdoor fire and share stories about your loved one with a mug of hot chocolate or glass of mulled wine. Readings, eulogies, music – you decide what to include to add to the experience.

Everything is possible. We'll help you organize the celebration any way you like.



Returning the deceased to the earth is undoubtedly the most ancient of funeral rites. And a fine way to symbolize that is to plant a shrub, bush or tree in the person's memory.

Urne botanique

The urn we created is called "Between Heaven and Earth" - it's botanical and biodegradable. As the urn decomposes, the ashes inside it are gently released into the earth, nourishing the roots of what you've planted with the nutrients necessary for growth. Remembrance stays alive.

We supply the urn, you choose your favourite shrub, bush or tree, and together we'll select a spot to hold your celebration, whichever place best suits your needs.

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Urne de Glace

Water is an integral part of funeral rituals around the world. A symbol of life and rebirth, it symbolically cleanses and purifies the deceased as well as those they leave behind.

Our urn is made of solid ice. With its unique design, it is without doubt the most environmentally friendly of all water-soluble urns. The concept is wonderfully simple: Taken to a river or lake, the ice urn floats away and eventually melts, releasing the ashes.

Created exclusively for MEMORIA by designer Diane Leclair Bisson and now part of our Respecting Nature collection, the ice urn was honoured at the 2016 CORE77 Design Awards and the 2017 Grand Prix du Design.

Urne de Glace


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The new rituals we practice are designed to harmonize with our regular funeral services, whether you decide to have the ceremony immediately after the family viewing or several weeks, months or even years later.