Burials, cemeteries and scattering of ashes

Choosing a burial site with MEMORIA also means having peace of mind: our record-keeping is exemplary and you can rest assured that future generations will always be able to access the site to pay their respects and remember.

After the funeral arrangements are made, it’s time to choose a final resting place for your loved one. This can be done in advance through pre-arrangements or settled by the family after the death. A burial site provides a place for family and friends to gather in peace and serenity; it also serves as a place of remembrance for one’s family history to become part of the official record.

If you already have a family plot in a cemetery, our team will take care of organizing and carrying out the burial in conjunction with making the funeral arrangements. It can be anywhere; we deal with all cemeteries.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a place of remembrance in line with your values and beliefs, we offer you a variety of solutions, from the most traditional to the highly unique.

The Saint-Martin Mausoleum

Built on the verge of the Papineau Woods at the MEMORIA complex in Laval, the Saint-Martin Mausoleum is a sumptuous indoor cemetery that offers columbaria (for urns), crypts and private chapels (for coffins). It’s a place where peace, beauty and serenity reign.

Easily accessible by people with reduced mobility, the location allows you to pay your respects 365 days a year, sheltered from any inclement weather. The site includes several rest areas, a chapel, a multipurpose room and a large reception hall.

The St-Martin Mausoleum also features our Wall of Memories, where family messages are continuously beamed by projector; annual memorial services and New Year's blessings are also held here. The idea is to keep memories alive, in an atmosphere of peace and dignity.

The Jardin des mémoires

Nestled in the verdant setting of the Papineau Woods, and adjacent to the St. Martin's Mausoleum, our Jardin des mémoires is dedicated to the scattering of ashes, a practice permitted and regulated under Quebec law since 2016.

It is a unique place that’s without compare in Quebec, a magnificent site where the decor changes with the seasons, allowing us to organize scattering rituals at the foot of a tree, a rosebush and even in our specially designed fountain.

We also offer the possibility of leaving a written trace of the deceased: we can inscribe his or her name on a stele, a granite paving stone set in the garden’s walkway, or a lovely wooden bench. Families can come and pay their respects surrounded by nature, even in winter. 

The Jardin's outdoor pavilion is the ideal place to hold your reception, tribute or anniversary celebration, all in exceptional comfort.

Our columbaria

Urns can be kept in the columbaria of our Bellechasse, Pointe-aux-Trembles and Laval complexes. These peaceful and protected locations offer several niche options (individual, double or family) to ensure the preservation of the ashes of the deceased. In the heart of your loved one’s community and accessible to people with reduced mobility, our columbaria are places of remembrance, a serene setting for family gatherings.