5 reasons to make your pre-arrangements

5 reasons to make your pre-arrangements

By: Aurélie Vasseur - Content manager

Whether it's out of superstition or because it seems like it’s in a long time, death is not a topic that is often brought up. We assume that our loved ones will decide what they want to do when it happens.

It is not always as easy as we think, and a pre-arrangement can significantly ease their process.

Here are 5 good reasons to make your funeral arrangements in advance and enjoy life with peace.


1. The will is not available immediately after death

It is mistakenly believed that the funeral information in the will is sufficient to organize the funeral. In most cases, the will is not available as soon as the death is declared. It is very common for funerals to have to be organized and celebrated before obtaining the search results which assure us that we have the last will in hand.

Pre-arrangements are a good way to ensure that the funeral will be organized smoothly while respecting your wishes.

2. Offer peace of mind to your loved ones

Losing a loved one is always a very difficult time emotionally. Making informed choices in such a situation is not easy, despite the devotion of our advisers to providing unparalleled support.

The pre-arrangement allows you to plan every detail during your lifetime according to your own wishes. Your loved ones will be able to experience their bereavement with more peace of mind knowing that your wishes have been respected.

In addition, the costs will have been covered by you, so your loved ones will not have to pay any money. Indeed, in the event of a death, the accounts of the deceased are frozen and may not be accessible for a certain time.

3. Frozen prices without interest

The price of a pre-arrangement is set at the signing of the contract according to the chosen services. The sums paid are deposited in a safe trust account. At the time of death, these services are provided at the price indicated despite any possible increase or inflation. If your pre-arrangement is fully paid before your death, even if the prices have increased over the years, the family will not have to pay extra money.

Flexible payment terms allow you to spread payment over a period of up to 60 months with no administration fees or interest. It is therefore a wise, advantageous and economical purchase.

4. Modification or cancellation are possible at any time

Our pre-arrangements can be modified or canceled at any time. It is always possible to add or remove services, cancel* your contract or modify the payment terms if your financial situation changes.

5. Legal protection by law

Prearrangements are subject to the Act respecting prearranged funeral services and sepultures. This means that, in addition to the clarity and transparency that you will find in our contracts, you will be protected by Quebec law.


The pre-arrangements were introduced in Quebec by Alfred Dallaire INC. in 1967. Since then, like our company, the pre-arrangements have remained 100% Quebecois. We offer local, quality services that are worthy of 90 years of expertise and customers trust.

In addition, we offer the most comprehensive support services available as well as innovative ecological alternatives in harmony with our beautiful Quebec’s nature.


To learn more about pre-arrangements, see our frequently asked questions or contact one of our advisors for a free consultation.


* Under the Act, 90% of the sums paid are placed in a trust account at a financial institution. In the event of cancellation, the sums paid in trust plus interest equivalent to the cost of living index are reimbursed in accordance with the law.