We got personalized support tailored to our needs. No pressure, quite the opposite: respect, empathy and a welcome ear at an emotionally charged time.

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As part of our mission, we’re always finding new ways of offering support to grieving families. That’s especially true in the current situation. Here are some tools and ideas to help you get through this difficult time. 


  Having trouble coming up with the best way to honour your loved one? Why not celebrate their life from home and invite others to do the same? With an online obituary, you can invite family and friends to join you in paying tribute to the departed by lighting a candle, listening to a favourite song or simply gathering together at the same time. The invitation is easy to personalize and share via social networking.

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An obituary doesn’t have to look the same for everyone. If you can, be creative: share Grandma's favourite recipe for butter tarts, post a wedding photo, whatever strikes your fancy.

Here are a few other ways you can honour your loved one from home:

  • Make a small altar with a photo, a special object or a candle; 
  • Write a note to the deceased, seal it in an envelope and feed it to your campfire this summer;  
  • Plant a shrub, a perennial or tree in the person’s memory this spring or fall.  

Don’t forget, you can always hold your celebration at a later date, once gatherings are again permitted:  on an anniversary, for instance, or at some other special time. If your loved one requested a church service, don’t worry, you can always invite people to a memorial at Christmas. There is no set rule; you decide what works best for you.    

Support for children 

For children, the idea of losing a loved one can be hard to grasp, and that’s especially true now, as families are prohibited from gathering together at funerals. Under the circumstances, how can they best say goodbye, or show their support for those around them? Here’s where you come in: don't hesitate to discuss what’s happened and encourage them to share their feelings. Maybe making a drawing would express it best, or writing a note to the family.

To help you open a dialogue with your children, we’ve come up with a colouring activity they can do. It’s as simple as choosing a picture they like and letting their creativity run free. Once they’re done, they then take a photo of their picture and share it online with the family. 

Here are a couple of examples

These days, children are under more stress than usual, so it’s important to know there are a number of specialized services that can help them deal with their grief over the phone, including Deuil-Jeunesse and La Maison des Petits Tournesols.



The scattering of ashes is now common practice in Quebec. More than ever, MEMORIA is there to help you through the process, at your own pace. We've designed a variety of new, environmentally friendly celebrations that can be held in our Jardin des mémoires or in a special place of your own choosing.

Come discover our Jardin des mémoires and our new rituals today.

Honouring memory is our mission

At MEMORIA, we believe that every life is a story that deserves to be told and celebrated… stories to never be forgotten. That is why, for 80 years, we have spared no effort to bring to you new ideas and to offer the best funeral arrangements and the most personalized support services at accessible prices.


Transparency and Flexibility

As a leader and because of our respect for the families we serve, we are dedicated to providing you with absolute transparency in our offers of products and services. With MEMORIA, you will never have to deal with hidden costs.