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Rosina Cianci

Mme Rosina Cianci Piccirelli

1932 - 2022

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Le mardi 12 avril 2022 de 10h à 13h

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Le mardi 12 avril 2022 à 13h

Born August 19, 1932, in Torricella Peligna, Abruzzo, Italy, Rosina was the third-born daughter of four children. She enjoyed her childhood with her sisters Maria,  Anna, and brother Domenico, she explored the endless beauty of the mountains and enjoyed playing amongst her siblings, often being the “ring leader”. At age 9, she was pulled from school due to the escalating conflict of the Second World War. Even still, her unconquerable spirit shone through, and her vivacity and brilliant smile of childhood never faded. The strength of her character persisted. As she grew into a young woman, she fell in love with Antonio Piccirelli and soon married him. Their love for each other was beautiful and endless. In 1950, Rosina and Antonio Piccirelli had their first daughter Lina and in 1964 their second daughter Antonella. By now, Rosina and her family had moved from Italy to Montreal, where she spent the majority of her adult life. As a mother, Rosina continued to showcase her strength, love, kindness, and prodigy for the culinary arts. Many can remember Rosina’s irreplicable, decadent recipes, which she so graciously prepared for even the most trivial of occasions. Even a momentary afternoon visit would warrant a full table spread. She smelled of freshly baked desserts and artisanal bread. The aromas of her home would pique the interest of passers-by whether it was her famous bolognese sauce, perfectly crisped chicken cutlets, pasta methodically prepared by hand, or the warm, lofty fragrance of biscotti. Rosina not only filled our bellies but filled our hearts with comfort and joy. Her motherliness was universal. She was a very prominent figure in the raising of her six grandchildren, Angie, Sabrina, Michelle, Victoria, Jennifer, and Anthony. She even got the amazing privilege of meeting her great-grandchildren Brandon, Joshua, Matteo, and Mia. Her love and appreciation for family and quality time made her and her husband regular travelers between Montreal and Florida. In Florida, Rosina and her husband were avid beachgoers. They made it a point to soak up the sun and enjoy the warm breeze of the tropics. Always smiling, the daring Rosina partook in water sports like boating and fishing. Like many other things in her life, she embraced exciting and challenging moments head-on. In the later years of her life, she resided in Florida. After a full, vibrant, beautiful life, Rosina Piccirelli passed away on March 31, 2022. Leaving behind her legacy of fortitude, radiance, and effervescence, innumerable life lessons, and outstanding qualities which she passed on to everybody she loved.

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