Laurier street Funeral Home

Here, the atmosphere is luminous, with the dressed stones and white walls providing a backdrop to the distinctive patinated steel furnishings; a large wall-mounted bookcase contains reference books on bereavement. One of the two salons holds an immense eye-catching blue canvas by Guido Molinari. 

As we are situated on the charming Laurier Street, valet service during your event is on demand.
The office to conclude funeral arrangements is located at : 183, ave Bloomfield, Outremont.

Design award : Grand Prix Créativité Montréal 2007

Laurier street Funeral Home

1111, avenue Laurier Ouest
Outremont, (Québec) H2V 2L3
Telephone: 514-277-7778

How to get there

By car

Between Querbes and de l’Épée
To the west of Parc
One street east of Côte-Sainte-Catherine

By public transport

Métro Laurier, Bus 51 West
Métro Snowdon, Bus 51 East
Métro Parc, Bus 80 South
Métro Place-des-Arts, Bus 80 North
Bus 129 (Laurier / Côte-Sainte-Catherine)

Two salons equipped with projector and an HD television
Two reception halls
Possibility of configuring the salon into a chapel
Sound system with microphone
Valet service (on demand fees may be applied)
Espresso bar
Wi-Fi Internet access
Computer station with Skype access
Grand piano
Children’s space with games and books
Reference books on bereavement