The advantages of our pre-arrangements

At MEMORIA, our focus is on offering you quality services at a reasonable price.

Making your pre-arrangements with us means you benefit from many advantages: 

  • Organization and observance of personalized rites that reflect your values;
  • Expert service and attention, provided with compassion and integrity;
  • You may choose to modify your contract at any time at any time;
  • If at any time you choose to cancel your pre-arrangement contract, 90% of the amounts paid including accrued interest will be reimbursed to you.
  • In the event of death occurring while travelling, we will provide you with guidance.
  • The price for any pre-arrangement you decide upon is frozen as of the day the contract is signed, sheltered from inflation;

When you sign your pre-arrangement contract, you pay an amount for the services you have requested. The price is frozen when the contract is signed meaning that the services you select will be provided when required for the price that is force at the time the contract is signed.

The funeral home with whom you choose for your pre-arrangement contract is obliged to annually index the amounts you have paid thus sheltering you from increases due to inflation or the cost of living.

  • The money you pay for a pre-arrangement is placed in a trust account;

90% of the amount paid in respect of a pre-arrangement contract must legally be placed in-trust with a financial institution, sheltered from inflation.

  • By making pre-arrangements and making your wishes known, conflicts may be avoided in the future and you can be assured that your wishes will be respected when the time comes;
  • By entering into a pre-arrangement contract, you choose those that you wish to entrust with your funeral and memorial arrangements.
  • By making pre-arrangements, you have the luxury of taking the time you need to make decisions at your own pace and with no pressure.
  • Support services are provided to all of our clients when the need arises following a loss including grief support.
  • MEMORIA offers payment terms of up to 36 months without charges or interest.
  • Reduce the stress of having to make difficult decisions at an emotional time for those who are close to you.

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