Half of what I say is meaningless
But I say it just to reach you

Julia, John Lennon, White album, The Beatles


Jacques Duchastel 
May 14, 1955 - May 14, 2022  

He passionately loved the Beatles, Steve Jobs, his first Apple Classic II, the law that he interpreted in such a special way, each of his clients he passionately defended. He enjoyed hiking, canoeing, spring skiing in shorts, softball games and tennis. He loved his friends Glen Williams and Glen’s sons Antoine and Thomas, Jean-Pierre Panet, Bobby and the late Jean Langevin, Pierre-François Payette and Marie Castonguay, Jacques McNeil and Sonia, Serge Arseneault, Jean Rivest and Pierre Champoux, as well as many others. He loved the Bas du fleuve and Notre-Dame-du-Portage, Esplanade Avenue between Van Horne andDuluth. He loved his family, his sisters and brothers, nephews and nieces, Anita and Henri, Lynne and the late Owen, Tom and Kim, the late Pierre and Joanne then Huguette, Christiane and Jean-Claude, Louis and Louisa and their children Raphaël and Clara, Nicole and Andrew and their children Marguerite, William and Marianne, Jean-Pierre, Patrick and Aya and their children Sean et Kevin, James and Kristina and their children Connor, Wyatt and Finn, Catherine, Elizabeth,and all the Duchastel de Montrouge and McKenna.

He loved women, my mother Jocelyne Légaré, Nathalie Saint-Jean, Marie Lise Bonaventure and so many others, as to embarrass me more often than not. This is the lot of fathers and their daughters once puberty is over. He loved his son-in-law Gregoire, and all the Bodsons who came with this son-in-law. Then his grandchildren Alfred and Delphine. He looked at them with his piercing gaze, recalling my childhood and his. Making such accurate analyses. He loved me, his daughter Julia.

He knew how to unravel the secrets of life, of feelings. And also be really off sometimes. A little craziness is the salt of life. But too much salt hurts.

We will meet on Sunday, June 5 at the Memoria complex on St-Laurent Boulevard, built by his ex-wife Jocelyne Légaré and where he loved attending funerals and cultural events.

There will be music and photos, feel free to share some with us if you have any. And above all, come and tell us about your Jacques Duchastel. It will be from 11am to 7pm, there will be a ceremony at 4pm, live broadcast, below on this page. Also, plan your trips because there will be closed streets during the Tour de l’ile. Consult here the list or the map of the streets concerned. Although Jacques enjoyed cycling, this is pure coincidence…

Thanks toTiziana Giuliani for her exercise program and her enthusiasm and to Elizabeth who spent time with Dad. Thanks to the entire CHSLD Saint-Georges team who make that place a haven of peace. Thanks to Geneviève Canuel, a social worker at the CLSC de Villeray who accompanied my father for years and helped me with a ton of steps that I could not do alone. The consistency over the years of your help through a system that sometimes dehumanizes patients and their loved ones has been most valuable. 

Instead of flowers and donations, we want you to take an hour of your time to do a good deed, talk to someone who needs it, volunteer in a CHSLD or psychiatric wing, give tips or advice to newcomers fleeing conflict. And have a thought for Jacques Duchastel. Peace to his soul.


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